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Livegood company has prepared amazing personal pages that will do the work for you

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store page

This site is where you send people who you are telling about our products, and how they can save money as a member. It shows both the Member pricing and the Retail pricing, so people can choose if they want to become a Member and Save, or if they just want to pay the Retail Price for products. They can also join as an Affiliate on this site, however the main focus of this site is the products.

Product Pages
Powerline Landing Page

This site is where you send people who you are telling about our Powerline and Business Opportunity. From here they can see the 5 minute video presentation, and fill in their information to become a Pre-enrollee in our system.


So all you have to do is post the links. Which you can publish on social networks, forums, bulletin boards, traffic exchange programs

Here I will give you the best traffic exchange program links:   Easyhits4you,  TrafficG


For each person who you refer to LiveGood who becomes a member and an affiliate for $49.95, we will reward you with a $25 commission paid out the very next week!

Plus, if any of the people you enroll choose to enroll others, not only will they be rewarded, but you will also receive additional bonus commissions up to 10 levels deep.

Weekly Fast Start Commissions are paid out on the first month’s membership and on the $40.00 affiliate sign up fee. So you will receive $5 for any new members that you refer, plus $20 for any new affiliates you refer. Since many people join as both a member AND an affiliate, you will receive BOTH of those amounts for a total of $25 paid out the very next week!


Each one of our life-changing products has a Member price and a Retail price. While most people choose to take advantage of our amazing membership for just $9.95 per month so they can save much more with Member pricing, some people may just want to make purchases at Retail prices.

As an affiliate of LiveGood any time one of your referrals makes a purchase as a Retail Customer, you will earn 50% of the difference between the Member price and the Retail price.

Retail Commissions are paid following the same payout structure as Fast Start Commissions. Unlike Fast Start Commissions that are only paid out one time, Retail Commissions can be earned unlimited times every time a Retail Customer places an order.

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